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Tips For Marketing Your Restaurant Business in 2017

tips for marketing your restaurant businessGetting exposure for your restaurant business is not always the easiest thing to do.  Depending on where you live, attracting new customers to your place can be a pretty difficult task.  In this short post, I will share some tips that can help get your business on the online map, so when potential customers are searching, they are having no troubles finding you!  Let’s go!

Marketing a restaurant is different than other businesses.  Return customers are the life blood of your business, and getting people to come back is something you cannot put a price tag on.

First off, you must have a website if you want your restaurant to be able to generate new customers from online searches.  Building a well optimized website will help you get in front of more people, providing you with an opportunity to tell people why they should visit your restaurant!  In today’s day and age, it is imperative that your website is mobile friendly, as most searches will come from smart phones and tablets.

People will most likely not find you just because you are open, or because they drive by and see an open neon light in the front window.  People will find you when they are searching Google or other search engines for the type of food you serve in the city you serve it in.  Example, San Diego steakhouse.

After someone conducts a search like this, they will be given a list of website that Google deems the most relevant.  This is where you want to be.  This is where your website NEEDS to be.  The process of getting your website to show up for searches like this is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Right off the bat, your site should be able to tell the searchers some key information, things like:

  • What You Serve/Menu
  • How Customers Can Find You (Location/s)
  • Phone Number (Click to Call Works Best)

Another area your restaurant business will want to focus on is social media marketing.  This works great for customer relations, and is great way to stay in touch with previous and potentially new customers.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are all great sites to build a business page/profile on, and they also provide you with a nice link back to your website from trusted websites with high domain authority.  The key is to focus on building strong customer relationships, because return business is the name of the game!

Another great place to focus some attention on is e mail marketing.  E Mail marketing allows you to e mail customers on your list and let them know about deals and event you have going on at particular times.  You can also send out printable coupons, that can help entice them to visit your place again.  This strategy is not something to be overly aggressive with, 1-3 times per month is the sweet spot.  Any more, and you run the risk of annoying them, causing them to unsubscribe.

Here is a great video that sums up some of the things mentioned in this post.  Take a minute to check it out.

I realize this is a lot of marketing strategies to focus on.  You definitely do not need to knock them all out at once, so take a deep breath and start from the beginning.  If you follow through, you will have a great chance of generating all sorts of new business from online searches!

Special thanks to Josh Parker from Badger SEO for helping us lay out this detailed post.  His company provides Madison WI SEO services, and also provides consulting services for business owners looking to do the job themselves.  He has helped many restaurant owners enhance their presence online, including many of the Lake Geneva fine dining restaurants, where the competition is fierce.

We hope this post has been helpful.  Feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions.