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Tips For Marketing Your Restaurant From a Multi-Million Dollar Marketer

We recently had a chance to have a conversation with one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and search engine optimization specialist, and the things he shared with us regarding marketing our restaurant for max exposure was truly mind blowing.  In this short post, we will recap some of the things we discussed, and share some tips for other business owners to take away so they too, can help land their business on page 1!

When we had the chance to talk with Kotton Grammer, of Kotton Grammer Internet Media, we had no idea of how informational it would be.  We knew of his success in his industry, but were unsure of what he would share with us.

Kotton gave us a fool proof plan, one that would all but guarantee we move our website and our maps listing to the top of the organic search result, while doing so in a way that would make Google love our site.

The very first thing Kotton shared with us was the importance of dominating our own brand.  If we cannot rank when someone searches our business, we have no business ranking for anything else.  So how do you do that?

Ranking for your brand is a tedious process, which is why a lot of people choose to hire an SEO to take it on.  The process involves acquiring as many of the 2 following links:

  1. Citations – Citations are links from directory style sites, like Yelp, Manta, YP, HotFrog, CitySearch,and many others.  He advised us to get 50-100 citations from the best sites, and to MAKE SURE our information is correct across all sites.  Consistency is key here.
  2. Social Profiles – The top 4 socials you must have are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.  Linkedin is another top social profile to have, and you really should include it in your list.  To see a full list of websites you can build a social profile on visit a site like and check it out.  You can hire them to do it or try to do it yourself.  Use YOUR BUSINESS NAME (BRAND) and your username.  Kotton recommends getting at least 200-300 of these.

After completing these 2 tasks, Kotton all but guarantees you will rank #1 if you search for your brand/company name.  This is step 1, because it establishes your brand and builds trust and credibility to your website.

Once you show up #1 for your own brand you can move on to the next phase, which would be ranking for searches that will bring new customers into your restaurant.  For example, if you are a steakhouse in Memphis, you would want your website to show up when someone searches best Memphis steakhouse, or some variation of that.  How is that accomplished?

Ranking for keywords like this will be a lot more difficult than ranking for your brand.  Off page SEO is a complicated process, and is something that is changing all of the time.  Google rolls out new algorithms very frequently, and it is always best to follow their guidelines and best practices.

Backlinks will be the determining factor for ranking for competitive search phrases, and not all back links are created equal.  If you link to your website from shady websites, it can pass on bad ju ju to your own site, and potentially get it penalized.

It’s for this reason Kotton suggests hiring a qualified person or company to take this on so you can keep your website in the good graces of the almighty Google.

The information Kotton shared with us opened up our eyes.  We never had any idea of just how much went into creating a strong presence online, and truth be told it is all a little bit overwhelming!

After scouring the web, I was amazed at all of the Kotton Grammer testimonial videos I found, like the one below.  This guy is a true legend in the SEO world, and here is a little proof.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this post.  Feel free to contact us any time if you have questions.