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Understanding How Citations Help Rank For Local Areas

citations for local businessIf you are doing SEO for clients, you’ll probably build a wide variety of links, and something you might also include for local clients are citations.   With restaurant marketing, citations are key.

When I say ‘local client’, I mean a client that is trying to rank for keywords that include a location such as “plumber in London”.

A citation is a listing of the business name, it’s address and telephone number. We usually call this the NAP (Name, Address, Phone) for short. Building citations for your client helps Google understand where that client is physically based and that in turn will help them to rank for keywords based around that location. 

There are many places you can build citations and you can simply Google a list. Some are worldwide, like big business directories but there are many which will be specific to the country the client is based in and these will be even more powerful. 

Some citation sources also allow you to include a link to the website so you get a back link as well as the citation. 

However, there is something that you should understand about the way citations work with the local Google listings. They will only help you rank for your keywords if the location that you are targeting is actually in the physical address of the company. 

For example, I have a client called Done & dusted domestic and they are a cleaning company based in Hertfordshire in the UK. They do cleaning in many different towns and villages within the Hertforshire area and when I first took them on as a client I gave the option of which area they wanted to target first. 

They choose Welwyn Garden City as it’s an affluent area and they have many rich clients of their own in that town and they want more of those kinds of customers. The problem is that even though they cover many towns, they only have one physical address and that is not in Welwyn Garden City or any of the other towns that they particularly want to rank for. 

So what this means is that if I build citations for them, those citations will not help them rank for those city terms.

There’s still some benefit to building them; citations help build trust to the company as a whole and of course some of them include back links and they are always useful but in this case they will not have nearly the same benefit as if their address was actually in the city we are targeting.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  If you apply the tips in this post to your own restaurant business, you will find that your business outranks the competition every time.

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