Facts about nose surgery

Facts about nose surgery

Rhinoplasty, otherwise referred to as a nose job, is basically a plastic surgical procedure intended for changing and reconstructing the nose’s form and function. There are basically two kinds of plastic surgeries used in rhinoplasty reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, which alters the physical look of the nose. Reconstructive surgery, like rhinoplasty, involves dealing with the damages caused by an accident or a trauma to the nose such as a broken nose bone, cancer or an injury that causes a significant change to the nasal tip. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, deals with altering the overall appearance of a person’s nose through the removal of unsightly tissue and enhancing the size, shape and color of the nose through liposuction, rhinoplasty or other cosmetic methods. Whether you undergo reconstructive or cosmetic nose surgery, the results will ultimately be seen in terms of a changed and more contoured appearance of your nose.

Patients who have undergone nose surgery in Abu Dhabi say that they were better able to see and perceive things around them as there was less additional focus on their facial appearance. This is because, with the surgery, their nasal bones were reshaped and their tip was elevated higher, thus eliminating the bulging out of their nose which often occurs as patients get older. Patients who undergo this kind of surgery also experience less pain after the surgery than those who opt for simple cosmetic surgeries. They can move freely about without having to worry about their bruised or cut lips.

Patients who undergo nose surgery to correct the deviated septum are those whose nose deviates from the middle line of their forehead to the point that it hangs much lower than its proper position. Usually, this occurs when the septum hangs too low creating a saddlebag appearance which may make the patient feel self-conscious and even uncomfortable. To rectify this situation, a good nose surgeon will reshape the septum so that it hangs higher, more properly in line with the other facial features and looks more appealing.

Another type of procedure, which requires general anesthesia is rhinoplasty. The surgeon can use either incision and drainage (IS) techniques when performing this kind of nose surgery. When making an incision, the base of the nose is opened up and the iris of the eye can be removed using a tiny incision. Once the iris is removed, the septum can be made higher by stapling. Alternatively, a small tube can be used to drain the blood, if required.

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