We have all seen the dreamy pinterest-y bathroom boards where the art works seem to have a special place on the wall but what we are always curious about the fact is how do these bathrooms seem to have these frames hanging and not ruin with humidity creeping in? Well don’t worry as here we have got some smart tricks that can help you get around that:

  • Try replaceable artwork

Yes it is true that mould can seem to survive at almost any surface but this does not mean that there is no way around it. One of the most useful tricks that you can use in such case is the wood and paper that shouldn’t be hung in the bathrooms. These are the specific moisture collecting materials. Aim for metal prints from photo frame suppliers in Dubai which can ward off the moisture and help you along the way.

  • Try acrylic canvas

Canvases are usually safe when we are considering the option of hanging them in the bathrooms. What you need to take care of when thinking about canvas is the glazing that should be avoided most of the time. Acrylics help you with allowing the flow of moisture instead of letting it build up unlike glass which holds it in place.

  • Choose non paper frames

You may think that there must not be any other option then hanging your wedding pictures in the bathroom but you are completely wrong as there can be several different types of framing options ranging from glass work to beautiful pieces of tiles and canvas. Canvas is specifically a good option because they are break proof in a place such as bathroom where you are almost every time slipping on the wet tiles.

  • Partition

If you have one of those bathrooms where shower glass partition Dubai price is not a huge problem for you then you should definitely go ahead with the frame idea because then you can keep the moisture out and away easily. Use vents and exhausts to let go of all the steam and enjoy the beauty of your bathroom.

We are all in love with these beautiful bathrooms but if you are not able to achieve that look then don’t get sad because there are always many other different alternatives which you can aim for.